What Food Safety Training and Food Hygiene Training courses do you offer?

We are proud to offer food safety training  and hygiene training courses accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH.) Our most popular training courses are Level 2 Food Safety , Level 2 HACCP and Allergen Awareness. All successfully completed training results in the issue of an accredited RSPH certificate.

How often should I sit food hygiene training and food safety training?


As changes in food law and eating habits occur rapidly in the food industry it is recommended that food hygiene training and food safety training are completed every 3 years.

What level of food hygiene training and food safety training do I need?

Before handling food, you should have a basic induction in food safety. Within 3 months of being employed you should have successfully passed a level 2 qualification in Food Hygiene. If you are supervising other people , you should have a greater depth of knowledge and have passed a level 3 accredited food hygiene training course.

How can I control allergens in my food business?

The control and management of food allergens is grossly misunderstood in the food industry. We offer accredited Allergen Awareness training. We feel it is essential to have a basic understanding of allergen control and labelling to comply with the Food Information Regulations.

How much does a food hygiene training course cost?

Costs of course are competitive, we are not the cheapest, but offer highly interactive courses that have been honed over many years of delivery. We can offer onsite training or provide training facilities for groups of 10 or more. If you are an individual that requires training please check our website or contact us about training event in your area. We can offer support to anyone who has additional learning needs to take a written examination.

What are the disadvantages with online food safety training?

Online food safety training offers an extremely low price point, however it does have its limitations. Online training does not offer the flexibility of a face to face food safety professional training sessions. During our face to face training sessions you will have opportunities to ask questions directly about your food business. Our expert trainers can tailor course content to suit the learning needs of the audience. Our research has shown that retention of knowledge from online sources is far lower than face to face training. In our experience food companies that are serious about food safety will avoid online training to hit a price point and value the shared experience of having a food safety professional to deliver training.

What other food safety training do you offer?

We offer courses on internal auditing which are a blend of classroom and in-plant training. Our simple approach will help you comply with internal audit and GMP auditing requirements.

We offer courses on foreign material investigations and root cause analysis. Contact us for more details