Need Support With Food Safety? We Have It Covered

Need support with implementation of food safety culture or systems?

Whether you are start-up food business or an international food company we offer food safety support tailored to your needs.

We can offer competitive day rates or interim technical support to suit your food safety support needs.


How to Implement 3rd party or customer standards?

We can support implementation of BRC , FSSC 22000 , ISO 22000, SALSA and AIB standards.

We are experienced in implementation of all the major retailer food safety standards and codes of practise, including Tesco (TFMS) , Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Asda.

How can I reduce customer and consumer complaints?

We offer training and support in advance problem solving techniques to establish trending and root cause analysis of complaint drivers. We have a proven track record of complaint reduction. Together we can reduce your top complaints significantly.

How to handle a visit from the Environmental Health Department?

We have extensive experience with dealing with Environmental Health departments and have good working relationships with local authorities. We can support on mock EHO visits, pre-inspections and post visit corrective action fixes.

How do I improve my food hygiene rating?

Your Hygiene rating is more important to your customers than you may realise.  We offer support and advice on how to improve your hygiene rating. We add value to your food safety systems and improve your due diligence.

Do you have food safety worries that keep you awake at night?

Nervous about an audit or inspection? Feel unprepared? Wish there was an easier and simpler way of working? Let us take the pain out of your food safety support needs. We will work with you to implement a simple food safety support solution to address your concerns, keeping you, your customers and auditors happy.

How much does food safety support cost?

Cost depends on the complexity and size of your business. Given that you are food business, food safety should be priority for you. Please contact us for more details.