We Offer Simply Food Safety Consultancy Packages.

Whether you are start-up food business or an international food company we offer tailored to your food safety consultancy needs.

We offer competitive days rates and interim food safety consultancy packages.businessman-1373697_1280

Need help with allergen management?

We offer consultancy on allergen management, from risk assessment, segregation , labelling to complete management solutions.

Allergen mislabelling is responsible for the biggest number of product recalls in the UK. How robust are your allergen management systems?

How can I provide allergen information to my customers in a simple way that complies with food legislation?

Contact us for more details on simple ways of displaying your product allergen information in a way your customers can understand.

What are my obligations on displaying nutritional information on products?

We offer consultancy on nutritional labelling. Do you comply with the mandatory changes in nutritional labelling that come into force this year?

How many days shelf life can I put on my product and how to I validate it?

We offer consultancy on determination of shelf life of products along with validation to justify the data. We have seen numerous product recalls recent where there insufficient validation data to justify the chosen shelf life dates.

What information do I have to display under the Food Information Regulations?

We would be happy to guide you through your obligations and simply ways of complying with the Food Information Regulations.

How does our site get a gold or green food safety and food hygiene rating for my Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda audit?

Ensure you are audit ready and your premises has a food safety culture where everyday standards reflect this. Let us help you implement a food safety culture.

Food Safety Consultancy sounds expensive, how much will this cost me?

Cost depends on the complexity and size of your business. Given that you are food business, food safety should be priority for you. Please Contact us for a quote.

Want a simple health check of your food safety systems? Contact us

Simply want to chat through your food safety questions with someone who will give you simple, no waffle answers? Contact us